pQCT and Leonardo

Bone density measurement and force plate

Basic research

The measurement of the apparent trabecular density by means of pQCT allows the determination of changes in bone metabolism at a particularly early stage. Different diseases or drugs affect different bone surfaces (trabecular, endosteal, periosteal and Haversian surfaces). The quantification of the cross-sectional geometry by means of pQCT thus makes it possible to determine exactly where the changes are taking place. The combination with Leonardo for additional analysis of muscle function rounds off the diagnostic concept for basic research.


Bone density and geometry using pQCT

Measurement using pQCT contributes to a better understanding of the causes of bone diseases. Several studies have found significantly higher sensitivity with pQCT compared to conventional methods. Both bone resorption and bone formation can be detected earlier using pQCT. Since not only the material properties but also the bone geometry are recorded, the bone strength can be reliably determined in vivo. Due to the possibility of follow-up controls on the living animal, the results can be determined more quickly and with a significantly smaller number of laboratory animals.


Muscle area and density

pQCT allows quantification at muscle-specific measurement sites (e.g.: 66% distal tibia). By comparing muscle cross-sectional area and bone parameters, the control loop of bone adaptation ("mechanostat") can thus be quantified. Muscle cross-section and muscle density are also decisive for the clinical conditions of sarcopenia and dynapenia.


Additional analysis of muscle function using Leonardo mechanography

Muscle function, in particular the maximum voluntary muscle strength, is responsible for the adaptation of the bone. Muscle function is also crucial in the area of sarcopenia and dynapenia. Therefore, in addition to the measurement of bone and muscle parameters using pQCT, the objective recording and analysis of muscle function using Mechanography is also crucial, especially for basic research.

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The 3rd Dimension in Bone Density Assessment

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